Elon Musk Makes Perfect Point About Flat Earth Conspiracy


Flat Earth conspiracy theorists really are quite incredible, flying in the face of science with their own theories.

It’s been an accepted fact for hundreds of years, since Pythagoras even, our planet Earth is spherical, yet many people for some reason or other, don’t believe this.

These Flat-Earthers are actually convinced Earth is a flat disc and a ’round Earth conspiracy’ has been created by NASA and other government agencies.


I’m not quite sure about how a ’round Earth conspiracy’ would benefit NASA and governments around the world, but these conspiracy theorists seriously believe we’re all being fooled by fabricated satellite images.

Although the flat Earth theory has been around for years, recently, it’s grown and grown and many have commented on the strange phenomenon.

Tesla and SpaceX billionaire, and hero to all men, women and things, Elon Musk has been the latest to shut down the conspiracy theorists making the most perfect point about it all.


Musk tweeted:

Mars’ sky is the opposite of Earth. Blue sunrise and sunset. Red during the day.

Why is there no Flat Mars Society!?

He does make a good point. Since Mars too has been observed to be round, why is there no conspiracy theory yet saying this planet is flat too?

Of course the Flat Earth Society had a response to Musk’s comments tweeting:

Hi Elon, thanks for the question. Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round.

We hope you have a fantastic day!

They seem to be forgetting a key fact here – the Earth has been observed to be round folks!

Naturally quite the debate started on Twitter – various users argued with the Flat Earth Society over whether our planet is indeed round.

Andreas Schilling made a very good point asking whether ‘does that count for the moon too’.

According to Flat-Earthers of course it does:

Poor Flat-Earthers have been having a hard time recently, especially ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes, whose rocket aimed to prove the theory, failed to launch.

61-year-old limo driver and science denier Mike from California, built a ‘steam-powered’ rocket in his garage using scrap metal.

He’d hoped to fly it high into the sky to prove the conspiracy theory, Earth is indeed flat, not round.

Associated Press

However, Mike’s plans were ripped to shreds when he failed to get the necessary permission needed to launch the rocket and his caravan – which was going to act as a launch pad – broke down on his driveway.

He said in a YouTube video:

A year previously when I asked for the permission, they’d left it up to the federal authorities and they said they had jurisdiction and they couldn’t honestly approve it.

They said: ‘well we know that you are going to do it there okay’, but then we were contacted by the Bureau of Land Management and they informed me they’re not going to allow me to do the event there, at least at that location.

When we were actually ready to leave and go to Amboy, the motorhome-slash-rocket launcher broke down in the driveway – I just fixed it about two hours ago.

The reason we are here is because the gentleman that owns the town of Amboy actually owns another property three miles away – it’s actually long and wide enough for the jump.

That’s where we are going to go. The last week has been very disappointing and enlightening.

Hopefully Mike can get his rocket working soon so he can, erm, prove us all wrong???