Elon Musk Tells Joe Rogan He Wants New Tesla To Have Jets ‘Without Killing People’

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Feb 2021 18:51
Elon Musk Tells Joe Rogan He Wants New Tesla To Have Jets 'Without Killing People'joerogan/Instagram

In the latest of his forward-thinking ideas, Elon Musk has revealed he wants to turn the new Tesla into a hovercar. 

The SpaceX entrepreneur is seemingly always thinking about the future, whether it be by scrapping petrol in favour of electric cars or making plans to populate Mars with his very own rocketships.


He discussed what is perhaps one of his most stereotypically futuristic ideas during an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast yesterday, February 11, where he spoke about the logistics of making a Tesla car hover three feet off the ground.

Elon Musk on Joe Rogan ExperienceThe Joe Rogan Experience/YouTube

Speaking about the carmaker’s plans, per MailOnline, Musk said:

We are going to throw some rocket technology in that car. I want it to hover. We got to figure out how to make it hover without killing people.


Though floating cars are things we’ve seen done before in films and on TV, Musk admitted that there would likely be a few challenges that come with ‘throw[ing] rocket technology’ at a car. They don’t call it rocket science for nothing.

Elon MuskPA Images

The CEO acknowledged that giving drivers the ability to fly around the streets could potentially be a safety hazard, so he explained he wanted to ‘make it hover, but not too high’.

He continued:


You make it hover like a meter above the ground or something like that. Something where if you plummet, you blow the suspension, but you are not going to die. Maybe six feet. You probably just put a height limit on.

Naturally, Rogan was intrigued about the concept of bringing to life a Back To The Future-style vehicle, so he pressed Musk further on the topic, asking him to clarify whether the car would simply be able to hover in one spot, or whether it would be able to move at the same time.

Joe RoganThe Joe Rogan Experience/YouTube

Now, Musk isn’t known to do things by halves, so it’s not surprising that he seemed to have all the details figured out, as he explained that drivers would be able to ‘go pretty fast’, but that their time hovering above the ground would be ‘limited’.


He said the car would use a ‘super high-pressure air bottle’, and that a standard version of the futuristic Tesla would have a ‘back row with two small seats, like child seats in a Porsche or something’, while the ‘SpaceX option package’ would replace the back seats with ‘a high-pressure carbon overwrapped pressure vessel, something at around 10,000 psi, and a bunch of thrusters’.

The next-generation Tesla was first announced in 2017, though the company didn’t mention the possibility of it being able to fly at the time. According to Musk, engineering on the new Tesla Roadster is set to finish for production in 2022.

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