Elon Musk’s Latest Project Is His Most Outrageous Yet

Elon Musk Is Building A Cyborg Dragon And Game Of Thrones Gave Him The Best AdviceGetty

When Elon Musk, inventor of great things, revealed he was ‘building a cyborg dragon’, Game Of Thrones had the best response.

Musk is always working on multiple projects between his companies, SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company.

Without providing any details other than ‘Oh btw I’m building a cyborg dragon’, there’s no knowing if he is actually, or he’s just simply messing about.

Musk has a comprehensive and ambitious list of goals to achieve by 2030 and so what’s a cyborg dragon or two?

Of course, nothing dragon-related gets past Game Of Thrones, who replied to Musk’s tweet from their official Twitter account.


Bend the knee to House Targaryen.

Referring to House Targaryen of Dragonstone, the Great House of Westeros, obviously.

Of course, Musk replied to GoT.


Don’t make me use my space lasers…

Everybody was absolutely loving the Elon Musk and Game Of Thrones ‘banter’ – sorry for using that word – and replied in the form of memes and gifs mainly.

One guy suggested their communication was the ‘most ambitious crossover event in history’.

Elon’s had a shout out from Kanye’s recent tweets, thanking him for the fact he is now ‘in the future’.


I really love my Tesla. I’m in the future. Thank you Elon.

2022 could be Musk’s biggest year with the first planned cargo mission to Mars aboard a Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). The new reusable rocket would become the standard spacecraft used for SpaceX missions in an effort to make space travel more affordable.

Musk has other huge goals such as the Hyperloop ‘pusher pod’ which he got up to 220mph – and he has said he believes he will soon hit half the speed of sound, with aims to break speed records.

[ooyala player_id=”5df2ff5a35d24237905833bd032cd5d8″ width=”undefined” height=”undefined” pcode=”twa2oyOnjiGwU8-cvdRQbrVTiR2l” code=”xtdG5jZTE6yV_ddekt3i-3cy0EdkRlDy”]

Musk has already pushed the boundaries of inventing, he sent a car to space for Christ’s sake.

His rocket embarked on its maiden voyage interest and intrigue in the vessel, which was holding one of his cherry red Tesla Roadsters.

Astronomers, astrophysicists and enthusiastic stargazers all caught sight of Musk’s Tesla flying through space just days after it launched.

Elon Musk Is Building A Cyborg Dragon And Game Of Thrones Gave Him The Best AdviceSpace X

Tesla’s rocket, dubbed Starman, was on a trajectory to orbit around the sun and bring itself to Mars, a planet which the billionaire philanthropist has said he wants to be buried on.

Astronomer Gianluca Masi, of the Virtual Telescope Project, caught sight of the rocket on February 8, just two days after its launch.

On the Virtual Telescope Project blog Masi wrote:

We immediately spotted the Tesla Roadster, quite bright … moving image after image across the stars. At the time of our observations, the car was at about 470,000 km from us.

We managed to take dozen of images, and we used a group of them to show the trail of the object across the stars.

He’s super rich and innovative so the world is kind of his very own playground I guess.

Will await that cyborg dragon though, Elon.

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