Elon Musk’s List Of Things To Do By 2030 Is Incredible


American business magnate, Tesla CEO, and general world legend Elon Musk has a comprehensive and ambitious list of goals to achieve by 2030.

46-year-old Musk has already founded three massive technology companies: SpaceX, Tesla, and Neuralink, but he has a lot more in store if he is to complete his list of tasks.

Tesla aims to bring renewable energy solutions to vehicles, largely through the development of electric autonomous vehicles (EAVs), while SpaceX is engineering ways for us to become a multi-planetary species.

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Oh yeah and then there is his work at the helm of the AI revolution with the Boring Company, and lastly just that human brain augmentation research with Neuralink…no biggy.

Usually when Musk gives himself a deadline, he meets it. Last year he gave himself 100 days to build the world’s largest lithium battery in Australia, saying if he didn’t meet the deadline, it would be free.

The guy really puts his money where his mouth is, so his future aims and ventures are very exciting to look at.

Top of his priority list this year is getting the Model 3 production on track and to hit 5,000 cars per month by March 2018, reports Futurism.

Around the same time, Tesla promised an update to its self-driving car software, bringing them closer to reaching Level-5 autonomy before 2020.

By 2019, production is set to begin on the recently announced Tesla electric semi, a truck that can go from zero to sixty in five seconds while carrying the maximum weight on a highway.

Then there is the Boring Company’s tunnel under Los Angeles, creating the most advanced transportation system ever seen.

Three years down the road in 2020, Musk plans skyrocket and the Tesla Roadster 2.0 is set for release and if plans for the Model 3 production go smoothly then Tesla should be producing one million of the electric vehicles (EVs) every year.

If he’s really on track, by 2021 Musk should have completed the Tesla gigafactory in China and start manufacturing EVs.

2022 could be Musk’s biggest year with the first planned cargo mission to Mars aboard a Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). The new reusable rocket would become the standard spacecraft used for SpaceX missions in an effort to make space travel more affordable.

As well as these deadlines, Musk has other huge goals such as the Hyperloop ‘pusher pod’ which he got up to 220mph.

He said he believes he will soon hit half the speed of sound and aims to break speed records.

So Musk has got a lot on his plate, no doubt he’ll still have time for an April Fool’s joke like when he announced the ‘Model F’ flying car. Or maybe another genius flamethrower idea.

The guy is a living legend and we wish him all the best.