Eminem Deepfake Song Written By An AI Bot Takes Shots At Mark Zuckerberg

by : Daniel Richardson on : 23 Nov 2020 14:16
Eminem Deepfake Song Written By An AI Bot Takes Shots At Mark ZuckerbergPA

AI bots creating songs can often end in an incoherent mess, but this deepfake Eminem song dissing Mark Zuckerberg was surprisingly effective – although the song lacked the artistic flourishes associated with the original artist. 

Eminem has performed some amazing diss tracks in the past – in fact, he made Machine Gun Kelly change genres after the two exchanged words. By using AI, YouTube channel Calamity Ai managed to generate lyrics for YouTuber 30HZ, who put together a performance that sounded eerily like Eminem.


However, the subject choice was rather odd, as it saw Eminem taking aim at Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Check it out below:

The creators submitted the title ‘Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem’ and let AI come up with the lyrics. Once the lyrics were finalised they were sent to 30HZ, who created and synthesised the vocals to sound just like Eminem.


While the song didn’t have too many brutal comments, it did succeed in generally mocking Zuckerberg: 

Your name should be Facebark, because you’re all bark. You got no bite, but the way you bark, it’s kinda hot. You got those glossy eyes, and you’re all hairy too. You’re so hairy, you’re getting hairier every day. I’m making a photoshopped picture of you tomorrow. I’m gonna make you into a real big hairy steamboat. I’ll call you Mark by the River, cause you’re a phoney.

Mark Zuckerberg Got $27.3 Billion Richer In 2019UNILAD
The lyrics lack the focus that Eminem typically delivers, but the vocal delivery is very similar. While the fourth-richest man in the world won’t be too hurt by the broad insults thrown at him by AI, the machines will likely improve in the future. With that in mind, this could be the beginning of a bright career for the unnamed lyric generator and 30HZ.

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