Engineer Reveals Four Simple Ways To Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

by : Tom Percival on : 22 Dec 2015 12:34

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than crappy battery life, but there are a few simple trick users can use to help keep your mobile powered up for longer.

Paul Shearing, a chemical engineer at the University College London told the DailyMail.com that there are four basic ways to save your battery.


Four tips for saving battery

  1. Shut down location services
  2. Turn off push notifications
  3. Close any apps you have open and swipe the button in settings to stop them from running in the background
  4. Make sure your phone doesn’t get too hot

Mr Shearing says that apps consume a lot of battery life, he explained: “If you’ve ever travelled out of the country, you’ve probably had to turn every feature off your phone except for calling and texting… turning off the extra features ensures your battery will last longer, because there are a lot of hungry apps that are draining your battery without your realizing it.”


Turning off the ‘background refresh’ setting on apps can also save power, and the same goes for turning off notifications.

Shearing also claims that we should all charge our phone overnight if we want to maximise battery life.


He said: “It usually take just two to three hours for a phone to completely charge, but each phone has a management system that controls the battery voltage….The software takes care of how much power and voltage is being pushed through the battery, so it doesn’t matter if you leave the phone charge for three hours or eight hours.”


Another simple trick to improving your battery life is to make sure your phone never gets too hot. The reason is that a smartphone is a mini-computer and has the same parts, except for a fan to cool it. When your phone is overheating the CPU chip is also operating full force, which eats up a lot of power.


Lloyd Gordon, chief electrical safety officer at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, told Live Science dismissed a lot of online advice as ‘bogus’.

He says: “For example, charging your phone in short bursts isn’t going to help your battery keep a charge longer, although many site swear by this”.


Glasgow-based experts at liGo have also created an interactive guide that reveals how to save battery life using tips specific to individual phones, such as iPhones, HTC and Samsung’s range of devices, and Sony’s phones.

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