Everyone Thinks Twitter Is Shutting Down, Twitter Literally Can’t Handle It


Guys, we don’t mean to worry you but there’s some pretty serious rumours going around that Twitter could be shut down next year.

Countless social media users have been legitimately going into meltdown at Twitters, err, potential meltdown.

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Using the hashtag #SaveTwitter, the Twittersphere have been contemplating what they’ll ever do without their beloved social media platform.

They legitimately could not handle it:


And they came to some pretty stark realisations:


But could it really be the end of the hashtag as we know it? Apparently it definitely isn’t, so you might want to stop your crying and rocking back and forth in a corner.

Speaking to The Independent, the representatives of the site said that there was absolutely no truth in the rumours and the site will continue to operate as per.


These kind of rumours have been circulating for some time now, after Twitter appeared to be somewhat stagnating in growth, compared to the likes of Instagram and Facebook, and the emergence of Snapchat.

Partnered with criticism of its handling of cyber bullying and abuse, it’s been a torrent time for the social media site. But neither of these facts indicate that the site will shut down in 2017, or any other time for that matter.

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It isn’t clear where the hoax began, but you can rest assured that this is definitely BS.