Facebook Could Be Changing The Way People Access Their Site

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At their annual F8 conference held yesterday, Facebook revealed that they’re planning to let users sign into the site with just their email or phone number – no username or password required.

As reported by Mashable, Account Kit is an extension on the current login system and aims to provide app developers with an easier way for users to create accounts without having to fully sign into Facebook.

In the words of Facebook’s product manager, Eddie O’Neil: ‘people hate passwords’.


The idea is to minimize the effort it takes for potential users to sign up for an account on an app through Facebook, and despite the fact that Facebook would obviously prefer users to sign up for an app with a Facebook account it still means that more developers will choose Facebook’s account kit over other platforms.

Using the new app lets developers use a code to speed up the account-creation process and allows users to sign in to apps using merely an email address or phone number.

Once app users have entered their phone number or email address, the service sends them a code to type in — and boom, they’re in.


Account Kit is currently available for iOS, Android and web and mobile web.