Facebook Launches Life-Saving Technology To Identify Suicidal Users

by : UNILAD on : 04 Mar 2017 16:43

Facebook has just launched an amazing new artificial intelligence device used to detect users who are showing suicidal signs. 


The complex system will track status updates as well as any comments which could suggest somebody is deeply depressesed, reports The Independent.

If a user is showing worrying signs, the algorithm sends a report to a reviewer who can quickly reach out to the user with suggestions and resources to help them.


It is thought that more people will be helped from this new approach rather than the previous one which relied on a human reporting system.


At the moment the system is only being trialled in America but it is set to be rolled out globally if the trial proves successful.

The artificial intelligence apparently looks to find signs of depression, anger, and sadness in a person’s status updates before alerting the reviewer.


Head of media for the charity Samaritans Lynsey Pollard said:

It’s great that Facebook are showing such commitment to keeping people safe online.

Samaritans was involved in the consultation for their UK safety features and we would hope to have the same involvement if they bring this latest development to the UK.

Hopefully the trial proves successful and Facebook can start helping people across the globe!

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    Facebook using artificial intelligence to help suicidal users