Facebook Messenger Looks Set To Launch An Absolute Game Changer

Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

Facebook are reportedly set to launch a revolutionary ‘Bot Store’ within its Messenger app.

The announcement of the store is rumoured to be planned for Facebook’s April F8 conference, reports The Independent.

The game changing feature would potentially allow for a host of possibilties to be little more than a brief message away, such as ordering a taxi, a pizza, making hotel reservations, checking your bank balance, discovering when the next bus is, the list goes on.

And the apps needn’t be solely text based apparently.

Brian Solis/Flickr

As reported by Tech Crunch Jonathan Libov of USV said:

Just because the container is a messenger doesn’t mean that all the apps inside are text-based.

While the technology is still very much in development, and may not lead to the immediate demise of Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store, streamlining app services into one single platform certainly has a major appeal.

The F8 conference will be held from April 12-13 in San Francisco, so watch this space.