Facebook Worried By Disturbing New Trend In People’s Posts


There is a ‘disturbing trend’ Facebook is worried about in regards to what we, as users, are choosing to share online.

The information most of us are posting on the site appears to be increasingly less about ourselves.

Despite Facebook still being regularly used by those who have signed up, according to a new report, there has been a sharp rise in users posting links to other sites and the outside world.


Now call me crazy but I can’t be the only one who still uses it to upload pictures of my pets, my selfies and to partake in some good old-fashioned snooping?… and yes I mean you, from Ms Horton’s Year 4 class back in’96.

The report, which comes from The Information, says this is likely because many of us have more connections than before and don’t want to see all of our data being shared with people from our earlier life.

Facebook have reportedly become increasingly concerned about the way we are now using the site and fear a ‘context collapse’.


Newer and smaller sites such as Instagram and Snapchat are gaining users who are moving over from Facebook – surely we can use them all side-by-side in our lives, in picture perfect harmony?

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has reportedly been encouraging his staff members to come up with new ways to get us to do some more ‘personal sharing’ and several of the recent additions you may have seen on the site, are said to have been a result of this.

‘On This Day’ a feature which brings up memories from the same time in previous years, is one way in which the site has tried to encourage more personal content.


But I’m sorry Mr Zuckerberg, I for one don’t like it – it just reminds me of ex-partner’s, bad haircuts and pets that have passed away – not to mention ‘those’ photographs which make me think ‘what was I playing at’!

Facebook has also been redesigned to suck up all of our photos and videos and thus, make it easier for us to post them.

Features such as ‘live video’ is another recent introduction, all with our personal interest at heart.


Thanks Mr Zuckerberg, but I doubt you’ll lose us forever – after all, how else are we going to find out that Joe Bloggs has now gone from ‘in a relationship’, to ‘single’.