Facebook’s New Emoji Has Really P*ssed A Lot Of People Off


Facebook had just one job when it designed its 125 new family emojis. One job and they fucked up, making a whole lotta people pissed off.

What did they do? They left out interracial families, didn’t they. These may as well have been rolled out by those Charlottesville nazis.

Expanding on the usual yellow skin emoji, Facebook has come up with some more realistic ones featuring light, medium and darker facial tones.


Although a good thing, people are pointing out that there’s no cross over between them.

The social media site has failed to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft, who last year introduced 52,000 family emojis to its Windows 10 update with different skin tones and interracial families.

The new emojis are available worldwide but only on the website. Simply click on the smiley icon in the corner of the status bar and pick your favourite family icon.

And remember, there’s no interracial ones!