Facebook’s New Feature Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


Facebook has proved once again they’ll be the most important thing in your life as they launch their latest feature – Order Food.

As if the social platform doesn’t do enough already – as they inundate you with party invites you’ll never attend, gigs you’re too poor to afford and updates on family members you’d rather avoid by hiding in the woods than actually interact with them – it looks like they’re now ready to move onto the lucrative food delivery service industry.

Hoping to compete with the likes of Deliveroo, UberEats and Just Eat, Mark Zuckerberg has teamed up with Five Guys, Papa John’s, Chipotle, TGI Friday’s and Delivery.com to deliver food to your doorstep… all because you can’t be arsed to close your Facebook app.

Food Ordering

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, 12 October 2017

Order Food, which has been in development for sometime now, will also allow users to check out reviews left by people on their friends list to help make their choice easier…unless said friend is a troll and they’re giving reviews to places which have failed a simple health and safety inspection – if that’s the case ‘unfriend’ them immediately.

Of course, there’s an ulterior motive behind this feature for Zuckerberg and the ‘tech-heads’ at Facebook – their main aim was to look for a way to get people to spend more time on the social media site – you know, because you’re not spending enough time on it already, are you?

They’ve pin-pointed food as a means to the end – it’s always said food is the easiest way to a man’s stomach – and if closing Facebook is too laborious for you then it’s happy days for you with this new feature.

I'm a fucking disgrace….

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According to TechCrunch:

The Order Food option has been in testing since last year, and, after adding more partners and responding to user feedback, it’s rolling out across the U.S. to all users on iOS, Android and desktop.

However before you get too excited, users in the UK will most likely have to wait a bit longer before they can start using it – Order Food is only available to users in the US right now.

So until then, looks like you’ll need to go off Facebook to get some decent grub or – and this one may comes a s shock – cook your own bloody food.

Sounds difficult I know but trust me when I say it’s not as hard as it seems.