First Details Of New Nokia 3310 Have Been Leaked

by : UNILAD on : 24 Feb 2017 10:19
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Our old, nostalgic favourite is coming back and its launch date cannot come soon enough. 


Many of us will remember the Nokia 3310 with fond memories and now it’s set to take us all back to the relatively internet-free times of the early 2000s, the Daily Mail reports.

The first details of the iconic phone have just been revealed and and it looks like our minimalist, stress-free life dreams are set to come true.

Chinese technology site Vtech leaked tit-bits of tantalising information online, including the fact it will not run android, but will be a ‘feature’ phone.


According to the site, the new version will be staying very close to the much-loved original, although it will apparently be slimmer and more light-weight this time.

Alongside the classic ‘black and white’ display, there will also be a colour version, although it will be low resolution to ensure the battery life stays high.

The new model will be revealed next week at Mobile World Congress and will come in a cheery variety of colours including red, green and yellow.

Nokia is believed to be releasing three other new handsets alongside the revamped 3310, with the cost of its re-launched version likely to be around £49.

The original 3310 gained an impressive reputation for its reliability, long-lasting battery and resilience, earning itself a loyal worldwide following and selling 100 million units.

Retro games such as Snake, create-your own-ringtones and changeable fascias and cases made the phone a long-term favourite among fans.


They’ve 100 per cent sold it to me.

There’s nothing quite like your first phone is there?

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    First details of Nokia's 'new' 3310 revealed: Retro handset will have color display and be thinner and lighter than the original