First Mars Inhabitants Will Live In Glass Domes, According To Elon Musk

by : Daniel Richardson on : 20 Nov 2020 17:08
terraforming with muskPA/SpaceX

Elon Musk is providing free lectures on Twitter again. This time the business magnate focused on life on Mars and how terraforming may not be the solution that people hope for. 

While many would take some time off to enjoy being the third richest person in the world, Elon Musk is still on Twitter hypothesizing with the masses.


A Twitter user asked the SpaceX owner whether there would be a form of terraforming before people arrived on Mars, and Musk gave his thoughts on the matter. By no means is Musk concretely right about the future occupation of Mars, but it does offer insight into how leading Space companies see the future on Mars unfolding.

The beginning of the Twitter exchange is below:

Musk later unpacked his statement about terraforming, explaining that ‘Terraforming will be too slow to be relevant in our lifetime.’ Instead, Musk believes that glass domes will be the basis of life until terraforming can support life. After this, the head of SpaceX took a darker turned and claimed that extraterrestrial life will at least be ‘impressed’ when they find our ruins.


SpaceX and Musk have expressed a lot of interest in Mars and its future laws, but whether terraforming the distant planet can become a reality remains to be seen.

Mars And The Moon Will Be Visible Together From TonightNASA

Making a planet, with very little resources, into something that resembles Earth will be very difficult. At the moment, it seems that the technology is beyond humanities grasp, particularly as it struggles with global warming on Earth.

While there may not be an immediate hope for terraforming, some will be pleased that the possibility of giving on Mars is still on the table regardless. Even if life on the planet is in glass domes that will one day be relics.


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