Flights From London To New York Will Take Just Three Hours Next Year


A firm in America is promising to bring back supersonic air-flight with fares ‘about the same price as today’s business class tickets’.

Denver-based Boom says London to New York flights will set you back £2,000 one-way and take 3 hours 15 minutes, decreasing the current 9-10 hour-spanning flights.

The plane is, for measure, 100mph faster than Concorde. It’s basically a fucking rollercoaster to JFK.

Boom is building an aircraft called XB-1 which they said is ‘under construction now and will fly next year.’


They ensured American business-types could:

Leave New York at 6am, make afternoon and dinner meetings in London, and be home to tuck your kids into bed.

Boom added:

Routes over 4,500nmi include a brief tech stop, included in listed flight times. Passengers do not need to deplane or exit their seats.

The breakthrough Boom airliner allows you to offer Mach 2.2 flights profitably at the same fares as subsonic business class.

A major problem with Concorde is that it had more seats than could be filled at the required prices. The Boom aircraft has 55 seats, similar to the premium cabin in a typical widebody aircraft.

The price of the passenger jet is around £160million.