Flying Cars To Be Available For Purchase By 2023

by : Cameron Frew on : 01 Apr 2021 13:44
Flying Cars To Be Available For Purchase By 2023AeroMobil

Reach for the sky! In two years time, you could get your hands on a flying car. 

Once a fictitious form of transport in the likes of Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, Back to the Future and old Grand Theft Auto games (if you had the cheat inputs), flying cars will soon become an extraordinary reality, thanks to the pioneering efforts of companies all across the world.


Earlier this year, we reported Tokyo-based SkyDrive Inc. was aiming for a flying taxi service in the coming years. Now, AeroMobil has released its first advert for its electric airborne vehicle, coming to a home and sky near you soon.

Check out the company’s commercial below: 


The YouTube description reads: ‘To be or not to be is no longer the question. I am. I am real. I am the AeroMobil. I am a new form of being. My DNA is the amalgamation of aeronautics and automobile. I was born 10 years ago and nurtured for over 300.000 hours of engineering, design and testing. I’ll give you the freedom to go anywhere you want, whenever you want.’


Unlike other flying car concepts, which are often based on eVTOL technology (taking off and landing seamlessly, like a harrier jet), the AeroMobil takes off from the road just like a plane. The ‘ultra-high-end’ vehicle will cost between $1.2 million to $1.6 million.


Patrick Hessel, chairman and CEO of AeroMobil, said in a statement via prLeap: ‘The AeroMobil persona expressed in the commercial and the Be The Experience theme perfectly captures the spirit of a vehicle that does what no supercar or private jet can. It is a new form of being that provides a travel experience unlike any other.’

The automobile aircraft is 20ft long with a wingspan of 30ft. On the ground, you’ll be able to drive for 620 miles on a full charge, with a flying range of 360 miles. It has a top speed of 100mph driving and cruise speed in the air of 160mph, with a climb rate of 1200ft per minute.


But will it actually be ready by 2023? AeroMobil seems to think so. With recent flight tests, it’s looking for both European Aviation Safety Agency and Federal Aviation Administration certification. Also, while the initial model is built for two people, a four-person edition will be unveiled in 2025 with a range of 700 miles.

Hessel told Aviation Today: ‘The successful performance of The AeroMobil in passing these critical governmental certification tests brings the commercialisation of a new luxury supercar, equally at home in the air or on the road one step closer to reality.

He added: ‘When it comes to market in 2023, it will be the coolest thing on four wheels ever commercialised, providing unlimited freedom of travel.’


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