Four Seasons Total Landscaping Is Now A VRChat Room For Furries

by : Daniel Richardson on : 10 Nov 2020 12:54

Four Seasons Total Landscaping got a lot of unexpected attention when President Trump announced a press conference at the garden centre. The situation has got even more bizarre, as the garden centre’s parking lot has now been immortalised by furries. 

It’s safe to say Donald Trump’s defeat to Biden has been unceremonious. This was typified by a press conference during which they would to rebut the vote count being held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than the Four Seasons Hotel in Philidelphia.


Naturally, the internet has been ablaze with jokes about the farcical situation, but one world creator went a step further and recreated the area – which is in between a sex shop and a crematorium – in virtual reality.

YouTuber and virtual reality creator CooperTom opened the VRChat room to a warm reception. While VRChat allows users to pick their avatar, furries were the majority of attendees. The area took more than five hours to create and it had some unique details such as the presidential hose wheel, as well as the banner that acted as a backdrop for the conference.

This VRChat room is already going through some changes. Since the initial opening, the backdrop has been changed to say ‘Dump’ rather than ‘Trump’ because of CooperTom’s disdain for the president. While there may be some further updates, it seems that the location of the most unconventional presidential conference will largely be immortalised in virtual reality.


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On the back of this creation, CooperTom has noted his desire for work and it seems that this VRChat hangout may help his cause, even if its with a company that wants virtual press conferences.

The VRChat room has been listed as ‘a great place for a press conference’, and after the unconventional incidents of 2020, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if it was used for future events.

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