France To Start Researching ‘Enhanced Soldiers’

by : Daniel Richardson on : 11 Dec 2020 16:33
France To Start Researching 'Enhanced Soldiers'PA/Walt Disney Studios

The development of super-soldiers seems to be far removed from reality, but France is looking into this military technology. In fact, the country has already begun researching how to create ‘enhanced soldiers’, alongside other nations.

France has released a report that details the conditions required for implanting soldiers with technology. The sci-fi-sounding plans have been supported by claims that other countries including China are investing in this technology, and it seems that France sees this research as a matter of national security.


A report backed by defence ministers has stressed the need for investment and regulation in the area of ‘enhanced soldiers’.

The report by the military ethics committee was released on December 8, and it noted: 

Human beings have long sought ways to increase their physical or cognitive abilities in order to fight wars. Possible advances could ultimately lead to capacity enhancements being introduced into soldiers’ bodies.

US Army Developing Tech To Read Soldiers' MindsPA Images

Further in the report, implants that may ‘improve cerebral capacity’ is explicitly detailed, and it is explained that they could help soldiers differentiate enemies or read vital signs. There have been advances by the US military in what was described as mind-reading, and the possibilities that the French military ethics committee touches on seems to be similar. With that in mind, it seems that this will be an area of investment for multiple nations in the near future.


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However, there appears to be a limit to how far France will explore the concept of ‘enhanced soldiers’. The document claims that putting parameters on what could be done to soldiers was essential, and practices with eugenics and genetics should be banned. Equally, it was also noted that anything that could ‘jeopardise the soldier’s integration into society’ should also be outlawed.

Moving forward, Defence Minister Florence Parly claimed that neural implants on humans were gathering momentum, and it will be interesting to see what is implemented given these new rules that have been approved. With the US and France both looking into this technology, it appears that enhanced soldiers on the battlefield will be explored, although how it will end up being utilised remains to be seen.

For many, this progress will sound like the beginning of a farcical action film like Universal Soldier, but the moves by the military ethics committee appear to protect the rights of soldiers while preparing France for future warfare.


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