Genius Builds Real Lightsaber And It’s As Dangerous As It Sounds

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Constructing your own lightsaber is an important part of any Jedi’s training, and now this guy’s teaching the world how to build their own sophisticated weapon from a more civilised age.

Allen Pan of Sufficiently Advanced has designed and built an amazing flame-throwing lightsaber which is probably as close as we’ll ever get to the real thing.


There’s just one small problem – it runs on alcohol – and we’re pretty sure that if Jedi aren’t allowed to do ‘death sticks’ then alcohol’s probably a big no no as well.


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Pan has released a second video detailing the secret to building the weapon, although we can’t really recommend constructing your own – aside from it being pretty dangerous, we’ve been led to believe it’ll attract stormtroopers to your moisture farm.


Pan is clearly a wizard and has previously made Thor’s mighty hammer ‘Mjolnir’ that only the worthy can lift. Badass.

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    This genius has made “the closest thing on the planet to a real lightsaber”