Genius Builds Real Lightsaber And It’s As Dangerous As It Sounds


Constructing your own lightsaber is an important part of any Jedi’s training, and now this guy’s teaching the world how to build their own sophisticated weapon from a more civilised age.

Allen Pan of Sufficiently Advanced has designed and built an amazing flame-throwing lightsaber which is probably as close as we’ll ever get to the real thing.

There’s just one small problem – it runs on alcohol – and we’re pretty sure that if Jedi aren’t allowed to do ‘death sticks’ then alcohol’s probably a big no no as well.

Pan has released a second video detailing the secret to building the weapon, although we can’t really recommend constructing your own – aside from it being pretty dangerous, we’ve been led to believe it’ll attract stormtroopers to your moisture farm.

Pan is clearly a wizard and has previously made Thor’s mighty hammer ‘Mjolnir’ that only the worthy can lift. Badass.