Georgia Toffolo Completes Giant Rubik’s Cube In Just Eight Moves

by : Julia Banim on : 25 Oct 2018 13:46
Georgia Toffolo Giant Rubik’s CubeGeorgia Toffolo Giant Rubik’s CubeSWNS

Mega posh Made in Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo has completed a huge Rubik’s Cube in a mere eight moves, putting many of us who have grappled for hours with the normal sized things to shame.


Georgia was helped to complete the 4.6m high cube, which was located at at London’s South Bank, with a little help from some innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and her very own mobile phone.

The AI technology helped the television and media personality manoeuvre the iconic puzzle’s 43 quintillion (!) different combinations thanks, assisting her with finding the best conceivable route.

Following Georgia’s first shuffling of the cube, each move was then channelled through the AI model and algorithms; gifting the reality star some crucial hints regarding what the best next move would be. This technology could have quelled so much Boxing Day frustration over the years…


This feat has been made possible through an app in the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which – with its Dual-NPU and sophisticated process technology – is reportedly setting a new and extremely impressive standard for smartphones; complete with improved speed, intelligence and efficiency.

We have certainly come a long way from the innocent days of the Nokia 3410 when slowly filling your screen with a pixelated snake made you feel like some sort of time traveller.

Georgia – who endured some decidedly more gruesome tasks on I’m A Celeb – said:

Everybody has been frustrated by not being able to solve a Rubik’s Cube at one point in their lives – and today, at the age of 24, I’ve finally been able to do it!

I really enjoyed taking part, and it was great to work together with the power of the AI in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to solve the cube in my fastest time to date.

And Toff wasn’t the only one to give it a go. Hundreds of people reportedly queued up to try out this new yet nostalgic piece of technology. After all, who doesn’t love fiddling about with a Rubik’s Cube, whatever size it might be.

Georgia Toffolo Giant Rubik’s CubeGeorgia Toffolo Giant Rubik’s CubeSWNS

This marks the very first time a smartphone has used dual-AI power to help find the best route to completion, showing the futuristic – and slightly freaky – potential for humans and AI to solve problems by combining powers.

Huawei Director of Marketing, UK and Ireland, Justin Costello, has made the following statement:


The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is our most intelligent handset to date.

It’s the world’s first Dual-NPU powered smartphone, meaning that we’re able to give people a more intelligent performance with less power consumption.

Puzzle cubes have caused debate amongst mathematicians for decades, with numerous theories about the most efficient way to solve them.

We have been able to use the sophisticated AI in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to offer players something interactive and intelligent.

We’re demonstrating how humanity and technology can come together to achieve great things.

Georgia Toffolo Giant Rubik’s CubeGeorgia Toffolo Giant Rubik’s CubeSWNS

Who else fancies a go?

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