Girl Keeps Giving Out Guy’s Number As A Fake – Hilarious Trolling Ensues


Who knew, people still exchange numbers in bars… and there was me thinking we had all forgotten how to communicate.

Some people use the age-old method of giving out a fake number (dangerous if the person asking is intelligent/desperate enough to call the number in front of you).

And a girl called Elsie unwittingly gave out the best fake number she could have hoped for.

The randy texts of her unwanted lovers fell into the lap of Aussie prankster, Joey Royle, who put them through their paces and toyed with their hopeless hearts.

Keep scrolling, it’s worth it:

texts3 texts4 texts5texts6texts7 texts8 texts9 texts10 texts11

And then he falls for it all over again! Priceless:


In Joey’s Facebook post, he wrote:

It’s the age old riddle. What do you do when a girl in Melbourne is giving out your number as her random fake number when she’s rejecting sleazy dudes? Do you a) clear up the misunderstanding, or b) #becomeElsie and organise a date.

I do sort of feel for the guy, Elsie missed out on a cute date by the sounds of it, but we’ve all been gifted with this comedy gold as a result.

So looks like it was a win, win… except for that poor sod, of course.