Google Launches A Cross-Platform Video Calling App You Actually Want To Use


Duo video calling app is Google’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime that no one really uses. Google Duo is simple, intuitive and cross-platform. 

Video calling is not new at all, in fact, Apple iOS users have been using FaceTime for a while now, and Microsoft users, Skype. Google announced two new messaging apps earlier this year and Duo is the first one to go full throttle.

Duo is cross-platform and simple to use

Google DuoGoogle

One thing Google have nailed with the Duo is its simplicity; you don’t get a load of buttons to press. Using a clean interface, it’s very inviting and all you need is your phone number. Just like FaceTime, you don’t need a separate account to get started.

Being cross-platformed, it also means iOS users can video call someone on Android and vice versa. Google has basically taken from FaceTime’s simplicity and Skype’s cross-platform capability, creating something you can actually use.

Google Duo is reliable and ensures you stay connected

Google Duo

There’s nothing more annoying than when you get cut off due to a poor connection, and Google’s answer to the problem is to make Duo intuitive enough to switch between WiFi and your data service depending on which one is stronger.

Call quality is dynamically adjusted and even when bandwidth is limited, you don’t get cut off, the video resolution is simply adjusted to keep you connected.

See your callers before you even answer

Google Duo knock knock

Don’t worry you can switch this feature off if you’re the type that needs to be all set before you get on camera. Google added a feature called Knock Knock and as the name suggests, when someone Duo-calls you, you see a preview of what they’re doing.

Google says this will create a sense of excitement when you see it on your screen, then you can accept the video or ignore it too if you like. You can download it now here.