Google-Owned Robotics Firm Gives Christmas Makeover To Creepy Robot Dog

by : UNILAD on : 23 Dec 2015 14:58
Boston Dynamics/YouTube

Earlier this year the Google-owned robotics firm, Boston Dynamics, introduced us to Spot. Well now they have given him a fresh purpose for Christmas.

The creepy robotic dog that users could abuse to their hearts content, I mean utilise without fear of knocking it over, is now part of Santa’s fleet of reindeer.


The innovative walking machine was designed to cope with various types of terrain, and its incredible agility had us all fearing an inevitable robot themed apocalypse.

Well with a few strips of tinsel and some antlers Spot has proven he is not only capable of coping with steep inclines, but he is also strong enough to pull a sled.

Check it out.


Pretty cool, but someone please build Spot a friendly face so I can get to sleep again.

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