Google Searches For ‘Liquor Store Near Me’ Hit All-Time High On Election Night

by : Hannah Smith on : 05 Nov 2020 10:17
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If this election has left you feeling like you need a drink – or several – don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to Google Trends, searches for ‘Liquor store near me’ hit an all-time high on election night, as Americans tried to deal with the stress of watching the results roll in.


States with the highest number of people looking for alcohol included Maryland, Tennessee, and Georgia. Topping the list was Delaware, with Joe Biden’s home state understandably appearing to be feeling a particularly high level of stress as the night wore on.

The most relaxed states? Maine, Nebraska, Iowa and, of course, Hawaii.

Google Trends

As reported by Daily Mail, popular alcohol-related search terms also included ‘liquor store near me open right now’ and ‘wine near me’.


Google Trends published a list of popular election night searches on Twitter, giving us a glimpse inside the minds of American voters as they dealt with the uncertainty of the election.

Other skyrocketing searches included ‘fries near me’ and ‘chinese food near me’, while the sight of results going Trump’s way in Florida also prompting a 200% increase in people asking ‘how to move to Canada’.

With the election result still unclear, people have also been searching for updates on their preferred candidates. Google says that 51% of candidate searches were for Joe Biden, with Trump receiving 42% of searches, although the company stressed that the search data ‘should not be considered an indication of voter intent’.


Google also reported a record-breaking increase in searches for ‘anxiety’ on November 3, leading the company to suggest users check in with their family and friends. The data supports other polls that have claimed Americans have been suffering from increased stress and anxiety during this presidential election. And with a never-ending pandemic, protests and widespread wildfires engulfing the country as well this year, who can blame them?

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