Granny Claims To Have Picked Up 100+ Men Using Tinder

by : UNILAD on : 16 Mar 2016 18:21

Have you ever had to show your Gran how to use the Internet? I have, and it bored me fucking senseless.


Still, at least this nan’s kids/grandkids won’t have that issue. Because she’s probably having sex with their friends.

This is Gaynor Evans from North London. She’s a grandma and a self-confessed lover of toyboys.

According to the Mirror, the 56-year-old cougar has said that sleeping with younger men has given her a new lease on life.


On her website, she writes:

With the demise of my second marriage I found that rather than stepping straight into another serious relationship as I had done before I would play the field.  As luck would have it the ‘field’ was strewn with rather gorgeous toyboys.

She also said that she was enjoying ‘the best sex of her life’ right now.

Gaynor meets her matches using dating apps and websites such as Tinder and the Toyboy Warehouse, while also picking up her toyboys when she’s out on the prowl.


And what’s in it for the boys? Well, Gaynor says:

We’re not pinning them down for dates, we’re not chasing them on the phone or saying ‘what are you doing this weekend, where are you taking me?’

Older women are confident in our own skins, there’s no dancing around. We know what we’re going to do and how to do it.

The raunchy nan also adds that she doesn’t really have a type so long as her men are ‘keen’.


So, you know, swipe right you lucky guys.

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