Guy Brilliantly Uses Lyrics From Eminem’s ‘Stan’ To Pick Up Girl On Tinder


I don’t know many 90s kids who’s lives weren’t touched by legendary rapper Eminem. Slim Shady had a line to describe every angsty emotion I suffered, and this guy even used his bars on Tinder.

Of course Marshall Mathers wasn’t famously a romantic, but the lyrics from his incredible Dido collaboration, Stan, fit pretty well when this guy was writing to a girl on the dating app.

The rap and video tells the story of an Eminem-obsessed fan (Stan) who puts his pregnant girlfriend in his car boot and drives off a bridge when his letters to his favourite rapper go unanswered…not particularly romantic content there.


As Slim once said ‘But when someone seems too good to be true, they usually are’.

He’s right once again, because this girl’s replies are too good to be true…


To be fair, with all the dick pics and ‘wanna chill?’ messages, I imagine some old school rap is pretty welcome on Tinder.

He even confessed his love, like Stan did to Eminem as he drove at ’90 on the freeway’.


After that incredible back and forth, she couldn’t even meet for a date!

It’s okay Tinder man – don’t let them say you ain’t beautiful, they can all get fucked, just stay true to you.

What a nice guy, he even wishes her luck on finding her ‘real slim’.


The post racked up over 500,000 views so I hope, in this modern age, social media fame could be the bud of a blossoming romance.

But then again – one for the skeptics – Love is ‘evol’. Spell it backwards.