Guy Builds Incredible Exoskeleton That Lets Him Workout With A Car

Untitled-1YouTube/the Hacksmith

Ever felt that leg day wasn’t a challenge anymore?

Well, this guy’s got just the thing for you – an exoskeleton suit that lets you workout with a car.

Mechanical designer ‘the Hacksmith‘, aka James, previously put together a suit that let him lift incredibly heavy weights with his arms.

2YouTube/the Hacksmith

But that wasn’t enough, and on his quest to go full Iron Man he’s now created an exoskeleton which lets him workout his legs using a car.

In the video the Hacksmith manages to squat a 2524lb Mini Cooper, because apparently leg day wasn’t enough for him before.

And if exoskeleton’s that let you lift insane weights is something that interests you, you can help James on his quest to become a real life Tony Stark by donating here.

You never know, he might just save the world from aliens one day…