Guy Comes Up With Perfect Way To Get Back At Nuisance Callers


We’ve all been there when it comes to those annoying mobile phone calls.

Missing calls from numbers you don’t know and spending ages wondering who it was – or answering said numbers and getting a tad angry shall we say, because it’s the 10th one from a cold-caller and quite frankly it’s just wasting your time!

In a lot of cases more recently, people are getting scammed by these types of calls – being tricked into giving away security details.


Well one guy has decided to fight back in literally the best way ever.

(On behalf of me for all the s**t one’s I’ve had, including the one time I was scammed – thank you)!

The guy in question – a security developer – has invented a genius way that not only stops the centres from phoning you, but from phoning anyone full stop!


The guy, we shall refer to as ‘Mr Genius’, started his fight back against a call centre that was pretending to be employees from the IRS.

He wrote a script that called the scammers’ phone back 28 times per second – so basically flooded their phone lines and made it impossible for them to receive any other calls, ruining their operations.

Oh how satisfying it is to hear the scammers shouting and swearing…

The guy who made the programme has launched ‘Project Mayhem’ where he continues to take down scammers of the world – what a legend.

Looks like it’s true what they say then – revenge is sweet!