Guy Creates PS2-Themed PS5 And Sony Needs To Make It Happen

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Guy Creates PS2-Themed PS5 And Sony Needs To Make It Happenwhattheefth/Reddit

The PlayStation 5 has been a huge success, but some consumers have not been overly impressed with its appearance.

So, one Reddit user has shared their inspired nostalgic vision for the PlayStation 5, and fans desperately want it.


Getting hold of a PS5 has been incredibly difficult this year, with pre-orders selling out quickly and scalpers taking huge amounts of stock. Despite the scarcity of the next-generation console, some have still been disappointed in its large, plated appearance. Reddit user u/whattheefth has now showcased an alternative vision for the console that plays off nostalgia for the PS2, and fans are having their heads turned.


The design is inspired by the PS4 special edition console that paid homage to the PS1. Similarly, this design for the PS5 is striking while taking visual inspiration from a previous console. The PS2-inspired console utilises the all-black colour scheme that had become synonymous with the PlayStation brand in recent years. However, the console design isn’t just a different colour with customised plates.

The smooth shades and muted greys give the console plenty of texture, alongside the symbol from the PS2 acting as a contrast to the dark colours. Equally, the DualSense mirrors the colour scheme and looks similar to the DualShock controllers of yesteryear, despite its bulkier appearance. There is also a stamp which numbers the limited console, just like the previous homage to the PS1 had.

PS2 PS5whattheefth/Reddit

Although this concept is impressive, it may stay just as a concept design for the foreseeable future. The console design was based around the 30th PlayStation anniversary, which wouldn’t be for another four years. On top of that, it is unclear how PlayStation will explore customisation and alternative editions of the PS5.

Many will expect special edition consoles to coincide with the release of flagship games in the coming years, but whether there will be designs that illustrate the history of the company remains to be seen. With that said, if the team at PlayStation are looking for inspiration for an anniversary console, they should probably get in touch with u/whattheefth, as the Reddit user seems to have nailed the design.

While many will now be wishing for a PS5 with this design, those who have the console are pretty lucky to have one at all given how quickly it has sold out.


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  1. u/whattheefth/Reddit

    PS2-Themed "30th Anniversary of Playstation" Edition PS5

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