Guy Creates Recycled Robot To Be Used As Teacher In Schools

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Apr 2021 14:48
Guy Creates Recycled Robot To Be Used As Teacher In Schoolsअपनी RoboShalu/YouTube

An Indian man has created a polyglot robot which can be used as a teacher in schools. 

There’s Sophia, the AI robot who in 2016 said she would destroy humans and then there’s Boston Dynamics’ Black Mirror-esque robot dogs.


It’s like nobody has seen The Terminator, or T2: Judgement Day. Year after year, we march towards a Skynet future – for example, we now have a robot who could sub in for a human teacher.

Dinesh Patel, a resident of Rajmalpur village of Jaunpur district and computer science teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya at IIT Bombay, has created Shalu, a robot capable of speaking nine local languages and 38 foreign languages.

He explained to IANS: ‘Shalu has been developed using waste materials like plastic, cardboard, wood, aluminium etc. It took three years to develop it and the expenditure was around Rs 50,000 (£486).’


Patel added: ‘Shalu can greet people, display emotions, read newspaper, recite recipes and perform many other activities. This can be used as a teacher in schools and as a receptionist in offices, too.’

Supratik Chakravarty, a professor in the computer science and engineering department of IIT Bombay, praised the robot, writing: ‘It is really a great development. Such a robot can be used in the field of education, entertainment and several other fields too. Shalu can be an inspiration for the next-gen scientists.’

While some have noted it doesn’t look as lifelike as Sophia, others have praised the innovation and possibilities of being able to help students.


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