Guy Draws His Own Porsche Using 3D Pen

by : Daniel Richardson on : 26 Jan 2021 16:07
Guy Draws His Own Porsche Using 3D Pen3D SANAGO/YouTube

3D pens are all the rage, but using them effectively is quite tricky. One YouTuber has showcased his skills by creating a Porsche Taycan with the help of the tool. 

YouTuber 3D SANAGO frequently posts artistic content using his 3D pen, but his latest venture is one of the most complex pieces yet. The artist decided to use a 3D pen to create a model of the notable expensive and speedy Porsche Taycan.


3D SANAGO was quick to mention that it was not a paid collaboration and that he just enjoyed cars and described the Taycan as his ‘dream car’.

Check out the impressive artistic model below (turn on captions for English subtitles):

The YouTuber began by drawing the shape of the car with a plastic drawing pen, from this point on his continued to use blueprints to create an outline of every side of the vehicle bar the underside. The artist then placed these together to create the body of the vehicle. The gaps in the model were filled in by drawing in a circle motion and using a soldering iron to smooth out the surface. There were still bumps so putty for plastic was used to make surface just right.


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3D SANAGO’s practical skills were then put to the test, as he sanded down the car and picked holes in the model. After a couple of smaller additions to the model, the artist covered it in primer before adding a green paint. Following this, it was time to do some finer details. By melting PVC the artist created the frame for the headlights before drawing in the bulb detail.

An LED system was created to give the car model functioning lights, and at this point, bar the missing wheels, the model was looking pretty similar to an actual Porsche Taycan.

model car3D SANAGO/YouTube

The artist cut the glass for the windows, although he noted that you should paint after placing the glass in the model as it scratches the paint. He then added careful details such as logos with paint. Finally, the YouTuber placed a remote control car system in, and he could begin driving around the detailed car.


3D SANAGO declared it ‘Porsche’s first electric car’ and it is an impressive sight. Many comments have admired the artist’s ability and commitment. While it wasn’t a paid collaboration, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an automotive company get in touch with 3D SANAGO to do more models in the future.

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