Guy Drives Car Into Middle Of River Because GPS Told Him To

Shucheng County Police

This guy followed his GPS which led him straight into a river and the whole thing is utterly ridiculous. 

Satellite navigation can be dubious at the best of times, but to completely disregard your common sense and plough knowingly into a river is something else entirely…

An unknown man in East China decided to pass fate over to his GPS sat nav, with pretty disastrous consequences, according to Mashable.

Shucheng County Police

For some reason  – probably best known to himself – the guy, driving a white Hyundai followed his sat nav’s ill advice and drove straight into a river in Anhui.

What’s even more bizarre is the man didn’t stop when he hit the water, he carried on going further into the river…

Surely once you realised you were near any sort of large stretch of water you’d stop and re-calculate your route – even more so if what you’re faced with is an actual full-flowing river…

Shucheng County Police

Not this guy though, he carried on driving on along the watery road, as if the whole thing was perfectly normal and without a care in the world.

Bizarrely he told local county police ‘he was merely following his GPS, and did not realise that the dirt path he was on was leading to water.’

Right. As you do then.

Shucheng County Police

I just fail to understand why you would let this happen…

This is why you shouldn’t trust sat navs, but then again, I wouldn’t trust this guy’s orienteering skills either…