Guy Gets Phone Robbed, Uses It To Spy On Thief


Every day hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have their phones stolen from them. 

Snatched from their hands by a passerby, slipped out of their pocket by a thief, pulled out of their backpack on a city street – the list is endless.

However, for most the story ends there. You feel upset, a little vulnerable, and annoyed. You go to the police, cancel your contract, and work your way into getting a new phone – but that’s the end of the story, according to The Daily Dot.

For Anthony van der Meer from the Netherlands – the story was only just beginning.


After having his phone stolen in the past, Anthony was left captivated by the thought of where his phone ended up, but unfortunately he had no way of finding out.

So he did the only thing he could. He bought a new Android and left it hanging out the side of his bag in a public area and waited for it to get robbed.

After hours of waiting the phone was eventually stolen, but unbeknown to the thief, Anthony had downloaded a software onto the android which allowed it to be controlled remotely – allowing Anthony to read texts, record audio, take photos and videos, and see exactly where the phone is.

Over days of obsessive tracking Anthony began to get to know the thief of his phone more intimately than most victims of phone theft would probably like, however amazingly Anthony documented it all into a fascinating short film.

The film reveals everything about the thief’s life. His travels, his texts, his trips out with women in Amsterdam, and his nights in the homeless shelters of the city. After warming to the thief Anthony decided to come face to face with him.

Give it a watch.