Guys Are Using An Insane Calculator Trick To Get Girls’ Numbers

by : UNILAD on : 23 Sep 2016 15:07

The art of getting someone’s number will always be a difficult task to master.


There’s a few tested a tried ways – using a few cheesy pick-up lines, buying them a drink, or getting your friend to go over and get it for you.

While those are all well and good, the rate of success instantly goes up when you impress them with a magic trick.

And that’s a fact.



And thanks to Elite Daily, we can all try it.

It doesn’t require any embarrassing pick-up lines. Anyone can do it, and all you need is simple maths and your phone’s calculator.

Here’s what you do…

Step one: Approach your love interest and tell them you can get their phone number using only a calculator.


Step two: Tell them to open up the calculator on their phone.


Step three: Ask for their area code.


Make a mental note of this or write it down so you don’t forget later.

Now, this is where it gets a little tricky for people with UK numbers. Presumably, you’re getting the person’s cell number and not home number, so there’s no area code. So, here’s what you do: Ask them for the first four digits of their phone numbers instead of an area code (If their number is 07489123456, the first four digits you need are 0748 as the ‘area code’)

Step four: Have them type the first three digits of their phone number (not including the area code, or first four digits if you’re from the UK) into the calculator.


Have them type it in so you can’t see what their typing.

Step five: Tell them to multiply by 80.


Step six: Then add 1.


Step seven: Multiply by 250.



Step eight: Get them to add the last four digits of their phone number.


So, the last four digits of their phone number are ‘3456’ then they’ll add 3,456 to the current total.

Step nine: Repeat step eight by adding the last four digits once more.


Step ten: Subtract 250.


Step eleven: Divide by 2.


You can either impress them straight away with this, or spice up the last step by not telling them to divide by 2 and instead, ask them to show you the number they already have.

While she’s laughing at your ‘failed attempt’, divide it by 2, turn the screen back to them and smile.

If you’re confused, here’s a video:

And voila – now, with the area code you wrote down/remembered from earlier, you now have their entire phone number.

Mission accomplished.

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