Having A Selfie Addiction Could Be Ruining Your Love Life

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jan 2016 15:08

Selfies just seem to constantly flood your social media feed these days, and it’s pretty fucking annoying.

Some people even risk their lives in the pursuit of the perfect selfie, but researchers have now finally confirmed what we all kind of already knew. Taking loads of selfies on a daily basis can ruin your relationships.


A new study undertaken by Florida State University has revealed that social media surveillance of your partner is related to insecurity and a below-par relationship.

This is particularly relevant when one person in the relationship posts more selfies than another, as it can lead to that person spying on their social media presence more than the norm.


However, this behaviour may not just be because they’re looking for likes, and may have more to do with the person in question being very narcissistic, and in turn craving admiration and attention from outside their romantic relationships.

The findings also revealed that people who were happier with their body image posted more selfies to Instagram. But in turn, they reported experiencing more conflict with their partner having jealous arguments about attention others had paid their photos online. This could potentially lead to greater conflict, cheating, or a break-up.

Other studies into narcissistic traits showed that as well as posting more selfies, they would also post more social media updates about their daily routine.


This may be viewed as attractive in the early stages of a relationship, but may become increasingly irritating as the relationship progresses.

It’s not yet possible to conclusively establish whether posting selfies in itself damages relationships, or whether selfie-posting and problems in relationships are purely because their partner is narcissistic. Further research may prove this link.


Maybe until then you should consider how taking constant selfies makes you look to others, and how this could potentially be destroying your love life.

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