Heated Foot Warmers Are Perfect For People Who Are Always Cold


It’s no fun losing all the feeling in your feet when the temperature drops, but luckily, heated foot warmers exist to keep your little piggies nice and toasty. 

I’m a sufferer of perpetually cold feet, and I think I can speak on behalf of other sufferers when I say sometimes, no matter how many fluffy socks and furry slippers you put on, frozen feet will prevail and just make your socks and slippers cold too.

What we need is something which actually generates heat to counter to coldness, and Amazon have come to the rescue.

The fluffy Proaller Foot Warmer is like a tiny sleeping bag for your feet, made from soft flannel fabric and equipped with fast heating technology.

There are three different heat settings to keep your feet just on the right side of sweaty, and a two-hour automatic power-off to stop your little pigs from cooking.

You’ll never have to lie on the floor with your feet on the radiator again! (…assuming I’m not the only one who does that).

The product description reads:

Both sides are constructed from luxurious ultra plush flannel that is exceptionally durable and warm; the inside soft plush adds extraordinary comfort to your skin.

Only the bottom with heating wires ( for safety concern ) but the soft the thick flannel cover will keep heat inside the pad and make you warmer.

This will be the perfect gift if your other half is guilty of putting their cold feet on you in bed. Or if you’re that person, maybe drop a few subtle hints about your dire and necessity for you to have warm toes.

If you both suffer from cold feet, then good news – the foot warmer is wide enough to accommodate two sets of chilly feet, so curling up on a cold winter’s night will be cosier than ever.

The magical product can do more than just keep your feet above freezing temperature too, as the online store explains:

The fast heating technology provides you unmatched warmth and pain relief to cold feet, saving feet from poor circulation, arthritis and cold floors.

Besides, it’s perfect for treating sore muscles in your back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and arms; promote blood flow, or keep you warm.

I really don’t think there any downsides to this product – and the reviews agree. With a 4.2/5 rating on Amazon, proud owners of the product have been raving about it.

One glowing review reads:

This thing is absolutely amazing.. I am constantly looking for larger heating pads, that don’t cost a mint.. this one was decent price and it is huge..

Love the pocket in it I have literally had cold feet my entire life so having the pocket for feet instead of trying to wrap it around my feet and always having one spot that isn’t covered is terrific.

Well, I know what’s going at the top of my Christmas list.

Get your hands (or feet) on a Proaller Foot Warmer here!

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