Here Are Some Simple Ways To Get Faster WiFi


Are you regularly frustrated by slow Internet speeds? Well it turns out that there could be far simpler solutions other than repeatedly turning your router off and on again.

The video above offers five steps towards the speeds we all want, nay, deserve.


If your Internet is too slow for the video, the five ways are as follows:

1. Place your router out in the open.

2. Lift your router off the ground.

3. Keep it away from other electronics.

4. Point the antennas in different directions (if your router has antennas.)

5. Measure your signal strength (This doesn’t really make it faster though, just rubs it in your face how shit your WiFi is.)

And suddenly it all seems so simple and obvious. Walls keep things out. Duh.

Get your router in a nice open, central spot, and your troubles could well be behind you.

If this doesn’t work you may just have to continue cursing your provider and bashing the on/off button until your finger is sore.