Here Are The Most Popular Google Searches Of 2016


Oh 2016. What a year you have been. 

You began with the death of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Terry Wogan closely followed by the murder of Harambe.

Skip a couple of months forward and a British MP is shot dead in the street, the UK votes to leave the EU, and Donald Trump is voted in as President of the United States.


Aside from all of this there is conflict on essentially every side of the globe – Iraq, Palestine, Syria, South Sudan, Somalia – the list goes on. And in many of the countries where there isn’t necessarily conflict there’s an overwhelming threat of terrorism: Belgium, France, Turkey, USA, UK to name but a few.

With the world changing so rapidly in front of our eyes just what is it that we’ve been Googling the most this year?

Thankfully the titan of search engines everywhere published their results and, according to the Mirror, this is what bagged the number one spot.

Euro 2016.



Closely following the Euros was everybody’s short lived summer favourite, Pokemon Go, while the number three spot went to the Thin White Duke, David Bowie.


As what should be a surprise to nobody, number four went to the most controversial man in western politics, The Donald.


Google searches for ‘what is’ was dominated by Brexit questions with Brits across the country frantically asking the big questions such as ‘what is article 50?’ and ‘what is the single market?’.


For sport related searches however one man dominated over all others – and sadly, it wasn’t Muhammad Ali, but Conor McGregor.


As the days pass into weeks and we loom ever closer to the final day of the year all there is left to wonder is who will be claiming the number one spot next year?

Surely 2017 can’t be as fucked up as this…