Here’s How Much The Apple Car May Cost


Apple have already conquered the world of computers, phones and even watches, but could they be about to try and hit the open road? 

According to one analyst Apple is almost certainly working on a car and although there’s not a lot of info yet, it’ll be electric and/or autonomous, it will apparently compete with the finest models on the market, Gizmodo reports.

The analyst, from the investment bank Piper Jafray, Gene Munster has been following the company’s automotive ambitions closely and has revealed what he thinks Apple’s next big thing will cost and when it’ll launch.


In an interview with Apple Car Fans (it’s a real site we promise) this week, Munster said: “There will be a car that you can see and order in 2019-2020. We don’t think it will probably be delivered until after that…maybe 2021.”

He went on to add the Apple Car would cost ‘around $75,000’ (£53,000) which isn’t shocking considering this is a company that are willing to charge you an arm and a leg for what’s essentially a fancy USB cable.

That makes the Apple car nearly 100 times more expensive than the iPhone 6S, which Apple’s currently selling for £539.

apple car featuredThis is not the real car -

Munster, who’s based his conclusions on rumours and insider trading, also believes Apple will continue using its current manufacturing model of designing a product and outsourcing manufacturing responsibilities to third-party companies overseas.

Let’s hope they make the battery better on their cars than their phones…