Here’s How Much The Old iPhones Are Worth Now


Just two weeks I was in the Carphone Warehouse making a rather expensive purchase. It wasn’t the iPhone 7, but it was the iPhone 6. However a bloke next to me was destine for the 7+ and he wasn’t scared of parting with his money. 

After he had left, I asked the girl behind the counter how much he had paid and she told me he had spent just short of a grand. ‘What a cunt’, I thought.

Wherever that guy is right now, floating around somewhere in Manchester playing Fruit Ninja on his 7+ in his bubble of riches, I’m sure he’d be delighted to find that there is one iPhone even more expensive than the 7: the iPhone 2G, reports The Daily Dot.


You’d think that over time – an outdated and incredibly plain mass produced old iPhone would gradually decline into worthlessness but now they’re worth more than ever before.

The iPhone 2G is now regarded as somewhat of a highly desired tech antique costing thousands of pounds to buy an unopened one.


The phone stopped being produced in 2008 after 6.1 million units were sold worldwide.

But how can something so mass produced still be worth so much money? Well, back in 2007 cases and screen protectors really weren’t all that fashionable so the majority of iPhone 2G’s got broken and overused in no time at all.


To find an iPhone 2G in good condition is relatively unheard of, nevermind one that’s in its original and unopened box – and that’s why they’re selling for so much. Oh and they have a headphone jack too…