Here’s How To Have Secret Conversations On Facebook



If your eyes lit up at this headline, it’s likely that you’ve got something to hide.

In which case, Facebook messenger has got your back, bro.

The new ‘secret messages’ feature on the instant messaging app allows you to open a secret, encrypted and ominous-looking black messenger screen.


If you press the button to compose a new message, then there will be a padlock sign in the top right corner of your screen that you can switch to put you straight into incognito messaging mode (notice the top secret black bar change).

There is also a timer which lets you decide how long you want your messages to be saved before they are detonated.


You’ll now be able to have a conversation that is encrypted end-to-end (that’s some Edward Snowden shit).

The messages have a countdown timer next to them so you’ll have to read the filth quickly before it detonates and disappears…


You can also go on any current conversations, and in settings choose the secret conversation option and low and behold the switch from blue to black.

For the record, the whole thing makes me feel thoroughly uncomfortable.