Here’s How To See Deleted Facebook Photos And Statuses

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustrationREUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Once something has been uploaded to the Internet, it’s pretty much stuck on here forever. Just ask Kim Kardashian.

What you probably didn’t know is that despite the fact you probably spent a couple of hours deleting all those photos of you and your ex on holiday in Benidorm, there’s actually a way of getting them all back.

It might sound a bit creepy, but Facebook has a massive database where everything you upload to the site is stored. Whether it’s photos, videos or statuses, you can access all of your old information, even if it was deleted.


I suppose there is an advantage of being able to recover old data. For example, if your nan (who’s awful with technology) accidentally deletes a treasured photo, you can easily get it back for her and she might give you a fiver for your troubles.

So, to do it, just follow these simple steps, courtesy of ComputersTricksTips:

1) Click on ‘settings’ in the top corner of your screen


2) Click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’


3) Check your emails


And that’s it.

All of your most embarrassing Facebook pictures and statuses from years ago will be waiting in your email inbox so that you can look back and reminisce on just how cringy you used to be.

Then feel free to delete the file so nobody sees it when they’re on your computer. But just remember, whether you like it or not, Facebook will always have copies.