Here’s How To See All Your Old Embarrassing Myspace Pictures

Myspace/Tom Hardy

There’s now a way to access your old Myspace photos and re-live your cringe-worthy teenage years – if you can bear the shame that is.

For all the ‘youths of today,’ I hate to be the one to piss on your parade, but there was another social platform before Facebook, dominating the internet… Behold the legend of Myspace.

So, with these tips the days of Myspace are back with a bang.


Nearly a decade ago, Myspace was in its prime and home to 75.9 million users a month, who enjoyed the opportunity to write a lengthy ‘about me’ profile piece and share a ‘random’ photo.

These days, although the platform does still exist, it’s definitely a shadow of its former self and its new layout isn’t as a simple to use as it once was.

So if you fancy delving into your awkward teenage past, here’s what to do in order to re-live the ‘good old days.’


Firstly, it’s almost inevitable your password will have succumbed to the mists of time, so you’ll need to change that pronto in order to access those golden oldie photos.

To do that, just go to and – while praying you can still get into your own excruciatingly named hotmail account – and reset.


Next, you need to dive deep into Myspace’s mystical, magical and frankly – shit – new layout and hunt out where they’re keeping your pictures these days. Clue: They’re not where you think they are.

Luckily, this handy bit of advice from the Daily Dot, has made it one hell of a lot easier for you and readily points you in the direction of ‘mixes,’ which means your photos are mixed up with every weird and wonderful playlist you uploaded.

Nice try Myspace.

Once you’re in here, you’re so very near the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, all you have to do is head to the folder named ProfileMix and CoverMix, and there you can collect your prize.


I’m sure the effort will be rewarded with terrible pouting pics, and greasy hair that definitely needed a trim.

So, happy Myspace hunting and may it take you straight back to the glory days of 2007!