Here’s How You Can Get The Old Instagram Logo Back

instaFacebookThumbnailJoseph Loftus | UNILAD

It’s been a week since photo sharing giant, Instagram, changed their iconic logo and layout, leaving users across the world in downright outrage. 

Not only did they change their logo from a classic into something many compared to a Microsoft PowerPoint creation, but they did so just as everybody was finally getting used to the fact that users now have to turn on some notifications if we want to see our friends’ latest posts.

But now there is a wind of change on the horizon, as Juan Ramirez, a designer with UX, has come up with a way to get your old Insta logo back on your iPhone, leading many to argue that Juan is nothing short of a genius, reports Cosmopolitan.

First off – you need to use your phone. Seems obvious, but yeah… Then simply follow the rest of the instructions below:

Create a new folder and move your Instagram app into it:


Then head over to this link, and wait for it to open on your phones Safari.

Thirdly, click on the ‘share’ icon and then click ‘add to homepage’.

And boom. You’re all done. Now you can rekindle your love for retro-Instagram and promise to never let it go again. 

You can thank me later…