Here’s How You Can Super-Charge Your iPhone In Half The Normal Time

by : UNILAD on : 23 Apr 2017 17:25

You can now ‘super-charge’ your iPhone in half the time it should take in what could potentially be one of the best hacks going.


There’s nothing more annoying than when your phone consistently runs out of battery and you’re constantly having to put it on charge to get anywhere in life.

However, help is now at hand, which could mean the days of desperately praying your last bar of battery will see you through, could now be numbered.

And not only that, these Business Insider tips promise they can save your phone from the sliver of red, in double speed time.


The first suggestion is to switch your phone onto flight mode while it’s charging and you’ll notice the jump in the green battery bar.

This is because it prevents your phone from hooking up to WiFi which uses up more battery power, meaning your phone is free to juice up without getting distracted by the internet. We all know that feeling…

The next helpful suggestion is one that makes a huge difference and it’s the simple act of turning on your phone’s low-power mode.

Adjusting your phone’s settings using this feature enables it to conserve a whole lot of energy and not waste it on unnecessary things, therefore speeding up the charging process.

In this mode, any background functions you barely use or give much thought to are shut down, saving your phone more power and lowering the charge-up time in one sweep of a setting.

Next, turning off push notifications while it’s plugged in can work wonders for your phone’s power storing skills. It removes the need for your phone to tell you if you’ve got a text or an update, thus saving valuable time and energy.


The last bit of advice involves the type of charger you use and how powerful the output can be, as this has a huge impact on how effective the charge is.

Obviously the more powerful the charger, the quicker and more full of juice your phone will be, but it seems some chargers are better at it than others.

If you have an iPad, you could use its charger to fire-up your phone, as they have more of a powerful output than iPhone chargers and definitely more so than your laptop port.

There is however a concern, the iPad’s charger is not meant for the iPhone and can cause damage to the battery, so use with caution.

So with all this in mind, you need never be caught short again. You’re welcome.

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