Here’s The Best Place To Put Your Wireless Router, According To The Experts


I know. It’s the question you’ve always asked yourself after a night on the town. Just where is the best place to put my router.

Well ask no more, as the oracle has spoken and the news is good.

While we can all agree the internet is one of the greatest inventions of the past 100 years, allowing us to do everything from streaming the Chinese fifth division basketball league to wasting minutes, hours, days, months, and years staring aimlessly at midly amusing memes – sometimes our connections are just, well, horrific.

Personally, my internet is utter shite. So shite, in fact, that it takes around 15 minutes to watch a 12 second video, don’t get me started on porn. My imagination has never been wilder.


Sometimes shitty internet is to do with being too far away from your router – but other times the router is simply in a terrible place.

Now, the guys over at BT  have provided us with a handy checklist so you know the best place you can put your router.

So wasting no more time what you want to do is find a central location for your router – but somewhere away from thick walls, windows, and the TV.


Interestingly if you’ve got a fish tank you’ll want to keep it away from that too as water can absorb WiFi signals.

Oh – and if that wasn’t enough to remember then make sure your router is visible.

The enlightenment is now upon you.