Here’s The Top Google Searches Of 2016 In Each U.S. State

High Speed Internet

There are some pretty bizarre things that have been Googled over the past year, and now you can see which strange search terms dominated in each American state. 

The phrases that have been looked up the most online might not be what you were expecting though, with some unusual choices slipping into our search bars.

A survey by High Speed Internet  has revealed them all…

The most Googled term across America is: The iphone 7

Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas were the states most fascinated with the gadget.

Number two is: Stranger Things

While I’m not doubting for a second that the Netflix smash series wasn’t a feat of pure genius imagination, I wouldn’t have expected it to be the second most googled term in America.

Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming are the states who are the biggest fans of the hit sci-fi TV series – or at least the most confused by it!

Number three: Trump

Marc Nozell

I would’ve expected Trump to be number one of the list, as he’s now the president elect of the United States, but worryingly people seem to care more about the latest phone or what’s on TV…

Connecticut, DC, Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia were the states that headed online to research their new commander-in-chief most.

Joint number five: Finding Dory and Hilary Clinton

Not together thankfully, but still, it does come as quite a surprise that the blue fish was searched as many times in as many states as one of the most high-profile presidential candidates.

Colorado, Idaho, Michigan and Utah are big, big fans of this cult film, whereas Kentucky, Maine, Ohio and Pennsylvania chose to keep tabs on the Democratic candidate for the White House.

Quizlet made a bizarre appearance across a few states, but New York chose to keep well clear of politics and googled sporting giant, Adidas the most. Fair play…

If this survey has flagged up anything, it’s that humanity has become incredibly reliant on search engines to explain everything.