Here’s What The Internet Looks Like In North Korea

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Us humans absolutely love to find out things we don’t already know – and personally, I had absolutely no idea what the internet in North Korea would look like – so I was intrigued, very intrigued. 

But I was left on the edge, as North Korea’s small handful of websites are rather anti-climatic.

Apparently, last Tuesday a U.S. based engineer released a thorough list of all North Korean websites, many of which can be accessed in the UK, such as incredibly dull news websites rife with anti-western propaganda, recipe websites, and film websites too, reports the BBC.

North Korea Young Generals BirthdayPA

Although the internet is notoriously restricted in North Korea itself the websites, of which there are less than 30, can be accessed outside of the North – but be warned, they’re slow as fuck to load and visually they’re incredibly unappealing.

Personally my favourite is news website, Rodong Sinmun, which opens on a list of Kim Jong Un’s, or the Supreme Leader as they call him, recent activities – which include visiting fruit farms and guiding ballistic missiles – what a guy.

lmlmllllRodong Sinmun

If you scroll a bit further down Rodong Sinmun you’ll come across the totalitarian gem that is the opinion piece section – where there’s a number of short features on North Korean issues that matter, such as the classic: ‘[Commentary] U.S. Is Chief Criminal Who Compelled DPRK to Have Access to Nukes’.

this-is-meatRodong Sinmun

Another rather interesting website is the food site, which features a lot of North Korean language and the occasional bit of Korean food – soon to be featured on UNILAD Grub.

Although the few websites above are quite the interesting insight into the weird world which exists under Kim’s reigns, what the world cannot get access to is North Korea’s intranet – a dark and secret network for the citizens of North Korea.

It’s widely believed that the intranet system reveals a lot more about the reality of life in North Korea – not just the Supreme Leaders day-to-day activities and a few homemade recipes.